Monday, June 14, 2010

How Has Music Changed Your Life?

Throughout the course of this project, I have told many people about this blog. Everyone has reacted with enthusiasm, and not a single person has shut me down. In fact, almost everyone I have spoken with has shared with me their own personal feelings about music. Everyone I have met has told me in one way or another that music has in fact changed their life.

For some, listening to music provided an outlet, as well as a source of identity for them during their teenage years, and they still consider that music to be number one. For others, playing an instrument or singing has helped sort out, or release, personal feelings. Please share with us your thoughts on music here. I've rambled a lot about what I think. Now it's your turn!


  1. Yesterday I was working on the drywall and listening to a mix my husband bought. Freebird came on and I had tears running down my face. Sheesh!! Something about that song...

    Thanks for doing what you love Michelle, you inspire the rest of us.


  2. My son left last Tuesday for Iraq, Michelle brought out the guitar and started to sing. There was peace for my troubled heart in those musical moments. I am greatful for your music Michelle!

  3. It made me feel better too, Terri :) Love you.