Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Moving to Tumblr

 Hello There Everyone!

I hope you all are really really great!!

Things are going well here. I just shot a new video and I am slowly getting used to all this social networking business. Even though I am technically a millenial, I actually try to hide from technology, so it's all a little overwhelming at times. Still, it can be fun if I just keep a relaxed mind :)

I started a YouTube channel, a SoundCloud account, and an Instagram account. It's pretty fun! While I get all of that together, I do miss blogging, but I feel like blogspot has become a little outdated. So therefore, I would like to invite you all to follow me over to Tumblr where it's a little easier to blog more frequently, post pictures and videos. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter if your heart so desires.

Talk to you all soon!