Friday, December 6, 2013

Shot My First Music Video! OMG!

Sorry for the bad iPhone photography...
Well where do I begin? My album is done. I'm staring at a copy of it right now. It's hard to believe! I have worked so hard for the last two years to make this thing, and it's just sitting there hanging out staring up at me wondering what the hell I'm gonna do with it. Well. A lot has to be done. I'm an independent artist, so I have to think strategically. All the pros release singles before they release an album, and that is what we (me and the produce-ah) are going to do too. In this era, that means making a music video! 

I don't know how the stars managed to line up for me, but they did. As I was waiting for the CDs to come in, I was at a new student's house making chit chat with the dad. He asked how the CD was going. I told him that honestly, I'm nervous. I've worked hard at this album, I have no PR or Marketing team, and my only chance at getting an audience is a good video... and did I forget to mention I have no video team? Well.. those who deny the powers of the Law of Attraction, prepare to be mystified. He looks at me and says very simply, "Oh- I'll shoot your video." I didn't even realize I was talking to very successful Hollywood Cinematographer, Kris Kachikis. (I mean... I knew his name. C'mon, of course I knew that, but I don't google every single person I meet like some people 
do :-)  And he came through. Incredibly. He recruited an enthusiastic young Director named Mike Gratzmiller (we decided to call him Gatzby which I believe makes him sound mysterious :) Mike and Kris put together a team of 15 people to work the set on Black Friday last week. David and I found a loft space downtown, auditioned some actors and a dancer who volunteered their time as well as 2 make-up artists and a wardrobe stylist. Everyone accommodated our very, very low budget. They were amazing. All. Of. Them.
Catching the L.A. Golden Hour
When I arrived, I was amazed to see this busy crew buzzing around the loft. There were actors waiting to go on, make-up artists working, JM the dancer practicing his moves with a sword, a monitor for everyone to watch the actors do their thing. When it was my turn, the gloomy rainy day turned into a brief sunset miraculously, so we had to work fast. You can see me running to the set in the photo above. I sang the song 100 times that day, I think. From 2:30-11:30, I sang sitting on a bed, standing up by the window, staring uncomfortably into the camera's lens, in the backseat of a car. I accidently flashed the entire crew when my coverup came down during a very in-the-moment performance, and there was no time to feel embarrassed about it. I have a lot of respect for actors now.
A Monitor Behind the Scenes
It was really fun. I honestly think I could do that every week. I had been really nervous during the week leading up to the shoot, but once I got there, I remembered how to be vulnerable in public. It's not that hard. It's just a decision you make in your head. An audience loves vulnerability especially if it's honest and from the heart. So that is what I kept telling myself.

Next step is editing. I'm super nervous because I want it to be great. I am so hoping we have it out in the next few weeks as well as the single available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. Will keep you posted. Oh yeah- have I told you the name of the single? It's also the name of the album-- "Die For Love." I love the drama of it, don't you?