Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert: Esperanza Spalding

I love everything about Esperanza Spalding... The way she closes her eyes the whole time she sings, the way she dresses, the sound of that bass, the little gap in her teeth, her hair, the sweet way she talks about music in between songs. I am totally captivated.

I love this Tiny Desk Concert. Watched it this morning, and now I feel inspired to sing and play. Her voice is always stronger when she doesn't play the bass, but it is indeed impressive watching her multi-task AND sing in a hunched over position. Singers are at their best with a straight spine in order to allow easier air flow through the body, but her rawness and occasional singing flaws are easily forgiven, because you cannot help but stare hypnotized as Ms. Esperanza journeys through a mesmerizing trance of song. What an inspiration!

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