Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 10: Losing My Religion

Today I practiced for 3 hours. It has been impossible to make the four hours happen everyday, but I am determined to make it work. No excuses tomorrow. After Thanksgiving dinner, it is straight to the piano. Even though I didn't complete the 4 hours, today was a good day. I was feeling incredibly bored during my practice, and as I was making tea on a short break, "Losing my Religion" popped into my head. I wonder if it is because I was watching videos of Christopher Hitchens on YouTube last night? Probably. I sang a little out loud and was surprised at how monotone the melody is. It doesn't really move much. This made my first thought at covering the song seem like a bad idea, but then I thought I would try improvising on it a bit, kind of Christopher O'Reily style, on the piano. It was nice! Everyone knows the words to this song, so playing the piano while singing the words in my head was really powerful. When I attempted to sing, it ruined the feel of the song. Maybe Michael Stipe is the only person allowed to sing these lyrics. I thought a lot about my own experience with religion as I played, and I found it to be quite therapeutic. It's really a beautiful song, but playing it thoughtfully on the piano is something special to hear. Maybe one day I will play it for you.

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