Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Equals Love

First off, I hope you like the new look and title of the blog. I originally started this blog as a project with my students almost 2 years ago. "38 Ways to Change the World Through Music" was a list I created to teach my students that music making and performance is not done for ego purposes, but for making our world a better place. My idea was to teach my students that music can change the world. As a musician or fan, music makes a big difference in our lives everyday.

I have written articles here about the role music has played in changing the way our society thinks and behaves. I also have posted about my trips to retirement homes and hospitals alone and with my students to share our musical gifts with those down on their luck. It has been a life changing experience. Truly. I still believe in the power of music to change the world. I try to change the world one blog post at a time by being real with you about how music has changed my life and continues to do so. Because the blog has become so personal, I thought it was time to change the title.

"Music Equals Love" is how I feel and I know you agree. Music has changed my life and I see how it changes your life and those around you every single day. Where would I be without that one perfect song to get me through a tough time? Or that upbeat dance tune that makes me smile? Where would I be without my piano to get me through insomnia filled nights and what would I do if I didn't have my voice to sing out my deep feelings and emotions? Where would any of us be without music?

I hope you like the new look of the blog, and I want to thank all of you who read my words and continue to follow my journey through this world as I learn how to navigate as a musician, seeker, teacher, and student.

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