Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rodrigo y Gabriella Donate Music To Environmental Video

My husband is one of my heros. He is an incredibly talented Creative Director, and at the young age 24, he started the Advertising and Design firm in Los Angeles, Compound Design. But that is not why he is my hero. He is my hero because after several years of building his company up to an award winning advertising firm, he still uses his skills to help spread awareness of important issues like genocide, racism, and global warming. He makes a lot of videos for different Non-Profit groups, and the latest one is really special. The music was donated by up and coming Classical/Metal Guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriella.  So you get two compassionate art forms in one. Check it out and spread it around:

This is what Global Warming looks like from NRDC Broadcast Videos on Vimeo.

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