Monday, August 16, 2010

The Troubadours!

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Yesterday, we debuted "The Troubadours" at Belmont Village in Hollywood. "The Troubadours" are a group of 11 California Music Makers students who have reached an intermediate skill level and are proud to share their love of music with members of the community. Once a month, we will be bringing music to the residents of Belmont Village, an assisted living community in Hollywood, CA. It was a blast.

Just like real troubadours of the old days, our group strolled from room to room giving private concerts to 2-3 people, as well as sing-a-long performances to large living room crowds. The audience hummed along as Ella played "The Entertainer" and sang as Danielle performed "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands."

Several kids showed off their improvising skills by playing a blues jam on the spot. Jack's piano rendition was enough to draw in several residents to the living room. The music was contagious and exciting for all.

Special thanks to Nancy Redford for photographing the event.

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  1. Looks great, Michelle! Sorry we couldn't join you.