Thursday, August 26, 2010

La La Land

This blog has been sleepy this week. My apologies. I've been in my head a lot this week, reading books and exploring different sounds. Last Monday, I fell in love with Bob Marley's music. Growing up near the beach in Florida, I thought Bob Marley was a bit cliche', so I avoided ever becoming a hard core fan. What a shame that is. Bob Marley is the perfect soundtrack to the 100 degree Southern California weather we are currently experiencing. Listening to him while I ponder the coming school year's peace related theme makes the work even better. He just makes everything feel happy.

I also started reading a book called Lennon Revealed about John Lennon.

Started learning how to play "Peace Train," by Cat Stevens, on the piano.

Spent a lot of time thinking about the connection between life and music. Didn't realize anything too revolutionary yet. Just this: listening and singing music about peace makes me feel peaceful. Pretty obvious, but what if I only listened to and sang songs about peace? I wonder what that would be like. Hmmm. Maybe a new idea for the new school year? I'll keep you posted.


  1. How interesting that people from very different backgrounds have similar messages.

    Great post Michelle.

  2. Thanks, Idea.
    Fantastic observation. I hadn't thought of it, but your right. All over the world there are peace songs that have, are, and will be written by every single culture. What does that say about humans as a species? I think perhaps Sam Harris (Author: The Moral Landscape) is right when he says that humans have a moral code already ingrained in them. A natural born "conscious," if you will, about what is right and wrong.
    Thanks for giving me that thought.

  3. Oops ... that should say "conscience"