Thursday, August 5, 2010

Amy Hendrickson & the Prime Directive

Stephen Pigman

Do you remember your first elementary school boyfriend or girlfriend? It was usually started by a simple little note with the question, "Will you go with me?" I always thought that sounded funny. Go where?

Anyway- my first b-friend, Stephen, was in 4th grade with me, and I think he took the more sophisticated route of sending his best friend as a messenger. After answering the question with a "yes," I seem to recall maybe one conversation actually happening during those 2 weeks. You know how grade school dating goes...

When I moved away the next year, I never saw any of my elementary school friends again.

Enter Facebook. Well talk about a trip through time! I got a message from Stephen about a month ago and was so surprised to see that we both chose a life of music. If we were 19, I might say, "Big deal. Who hasn't chosen a life of music?" But we are not 19. We are at least 10 years older than that now, and the number of our peers choosing a musical life is much smaller these days.

Stephen Pigman plays bass and sings in the band "Amy Hendickson and the Prime Directive." Having opened for national acts such as The Wallflowers, they regularly tour the east coast, and have played at some impressive venues like "The Florida Theatre" in North Florida.

I'm so glad to see an old friend still rockin' the dream.

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